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So I wrote a book…

365 days

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It did amazingly well the first week – and I’m leaving it at 99cents as a thank you for the next few weeks. I’m also blown away by the continued response and I will be posting a little about each of the chakras from the book in the next few weeks. I’m also working on a post about the journey of self-publishing and what I did and why it worked. It’s opened up a whole bunch of avenues for collaboration through webinars, and I’m in talks with people developing a course based on the work, the meditative disc is coming soon, and I’ve been asked to talk about this on my friend’s publishing podcast too so stay tuned for that!

But below – a thank you –

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The Universal Star Chakra

Often and easily seen as white light (transcendent purity- full of all the colors) it is part of the higher chakra group that connects us to the greater Universal experience.

It activates and provides support for our Divine light body – and we begin to experience energy on a soul level.

We can clear blockages in our body and system – by breathing into the place where we feel the hurt/blockage/or discomfort and with each breath bringing energy up from the earth, into this place of blockage, dissolving as much of it as will go, and sending the energy up through our crown – wherein it is transmuted into pure understanding. We can again a different perspective and move beyond, time, dimensions, frequencies and soul contracts.

This allows for our Merkaba or Divine light body to be activated and the potential for it to be fully realized. Ready and waiting for us to lighten up!

This is the energy of miracles, instant healing, shifts in situations or relationships that you thought impossible or far-fetched.

Anchor your energy to the earth, breathing naturally tune into your Universal Star chakra. Breath into it and feel it expand as a white light and let it go as big as you can. Some like to bring the chakras back down to a comfortable level .

Much more in the book: Chakra Affirmations

and you can find many more exercises and practices here at my Reiki site.


talk soon!


I fell down a nostalgia hole and hit 1997


What do you remember about being fifteen?

I remember a feeling of immense frustration, of being trapped in a box rapidly running out of air, that I was quickly outgrowing.

I remember begging to be sent to boarding school and my parents doing it because they probably didn’t know what else to do with me. Because I had refused to attend school the year before and finished my school year by mail in three months and gotten a job instead.

I remember being obsessed equally with both ’69 and ’94 Woodstock and Vogue (Grace Coddington) and a show called FashionTV (Shalom, Amber, Stella, Kirsty, Naomi, Kate) that only came on once a week for 30 minutes in our rural town.

I remember buying my first discman with money I got from babysitting and blasting tunes while my family drove us for days through winding mountain roads lined with Douglas fir and pine trees to get anywhere.

I remember taking a silversmithing course at the local art center and making a silver butterfly ring (that my auntie still wears) and an alien pendant for my then best-friend.

I remember feeling invisible and loving it – there was a certain freedom in that.

I remember buying the first issue of Jane magazine just because Drew Barrymore was on the cover.

I remember figuring out that I wasn’t technically “skipping” school if I woke up late and took 3 hours to walk there.

I also remember that was the summer there was a massive frog die-off in our town and they floated in the river for days.

I remember figuring out that nobody really cared – because everyone was too busy.

I remember very clearly realizing that none of the adults around me knew shit about anything. Although the older I get the more compassion I have for them (because we really don’t do we?).

I’m in a funny fringe generation or gap moment between Generation X and the Millennials – I have friends in both groups and at both ends – and there are tangible differences (although the only people upset about this are the older Gen Xers -who firmly deny that there ARE any differences at all) chill guys ok? Someone just recently told me that we could be called Xennials – I love that. It’s obnoxious and a nod to the fluidity of those born in these years between both generations. Roughly ’77 – ’82 or ’78 – ’83 is the Xennials.

The best description I found described Xennials as having the cynicism of Generation X and the Millenial optimism and drive. A friend and I described ourselves as ‘late starters – like so late we’re like non-starters”

So I’m going to do some deep-diving and pull up more on this year because this is begging to turn into a project – but first edits. A move. Projects to release and promote.

If you have thoughts on this – or ARE a Xennial please throw me some comments – I am contemplating this being my next writing project.

Fun facts from that year that I pulled from Wikipedia and left the links to if you want to refresh your memory – some of this was wild. So Roughly twenty years ago the first successful clone happened, a series of UFOs were seen over Phoenix, Arizona, a rocket carried the remains of 24 people into space in the first space burial, mad cow disease was mutating, the first worst strand of chicken flu hit the public, and the first Hybrid vehicle was mass produced in Japan.

Hello 2017!

Well, I’ve had a flurry of activity and a period of being unsettled and that has contributed to my sparse posts. BUT I do have another new cover to share for my short story collection, “Bad Heart Valley” that is out in 2018, and I have an instagram for this site as well, as I finally got on board with patreon. More on all these good things later in the week. My kids and I have been catching every. single. cold and flu bug this fall. That coupled with the concern over events in the US, knowing that our time in Spain is over as of July 2017 and still having no idea where we are going. It’s been …interesting.


My speculative-fiction novel, “Petrichor,” is still underway and I will keep you posted. It’s been going well, until I found myself falling down an internet rabbit hole while reading about how to best utilize and dispose of human waste in a nuclear waste desert situation. You know, literally making sure your own shit doesn’t kill you. Which has been quite the mind fuck given the current political environment. I’ve been reading a lot of Dr. Helen Caldecott and Naomi Klein. But the book is coming along and it’s exciting to see ideas for the next book developing as well. I even have a title! For the next book! “Psythuria,” a word for the sound the wind makes when it rustles through the leaves of trees.

As for instagram help a gal out and give me a follow @humanitymanual as my reikiwork @catalystreiki or visit me as


Petrichor; Book 1 in the Living Earth Cycle

A lot has been going on. More to come on all of it. But for now I wanted to share that my positive speculative fiction series has started! The full novel will be edited, re-edited and perfected and up on amazon in 2018. I have made a verbal agreement with a small publisher who really gets my writing and what I want to do – I will share concrete details as soon as I am able to. I’m really happy with the initial reception of the story and interest in the book. I also made the cover myself – so bonus that people have been responding to it – and people I know have been asking me where I got it done. So THAT feels pretty good.

The seed (pun intended) for the story came out of talking about books with my oldest child. He’s in that in between age where he’s outgrown kid books and most tween books and there seems to be a bit of a gap in what’s available for teens who really like spec and sic-fiction, who read above their age level but aren’t into weird sex and violence. His gripe was mainly with how dystopian most sci-fi novels in his age category are. I had to agree, and I’d just been on a reading bender that involved Helen Caldecott, a ton of permaculture stuff and Paul Stamets. And I thought  why not? We’d also just finished reading the last of the Eragon books together and although (like the Harry Potter Books) are for kids, I also thoroughly enjoyed them. So that is my aim with these books. Something for teens that doesn’t dumb down or depress them, but rather takes a lot of pro-active forward thinking solutions and applies them in the speculative world. And hopefully it’s something that a very clever fourteen year old will want to read and a mature reader! I’m also hoping that the cycle of books can continue to mature themes as they progress and hopefully as a reader matures. Tall order I know. Let’s see how I do.

The cycle of 8 novels came to me and I’ve been planning and mapping them for the last year or so. I had two hangups though. I didn’t think of myself as a science fiction writer; and I wanted to be sure that I felt good about taking this roughly ten year adventure. At a rate of a book roughly a year-ish it felt like a huge commitment. To break it down though it’s roughly 2 pages a day. Which is well within my daily capacity. So below is the cover. I’m so proud! and the blurb for the story.


instapetrichorbook 1 Living earth series

Petrichor; Book 1 The Living Earth Series

It is the year 3074. In a future ravaged by climate change, the ice caps have melted, the oceans acidified and the deserts encroached on what is left of the continents. The survivors have not only realized their dependence on planet earth but are healing her as well. Virago  and Odan are two seventeen year olds about to join their first clean up crew. Every human on earth joins a clean up crew when they turn 17, leaving their pods and communities for the first time, working and traveling what is left of the globe for about 4 years, gaining experience and first hand knowledge of how interdependent the earth is and how sentient. Countries and cultures across continents have been forced to work together to maintain life and unprecedented peace is the backdrop in which humanity is doing its best to save themselves and repair the damage incurred to the planet. Odan has his feet firmly on the ground and is a gentle soul, a dreamer who sees the connection in small things. Virago is practical and blunt and determined to work her way up to join the crew of the only space exploration vessel to leave earth in 250 years. An unlikely pair, they become fast friends, while learning how tenuous human life on earth still is.



Ebb and Flow, Natural Cycles, Fuq this moon in Scorpio.


In conversation with someone last night I was struck by how often we are up in our heads, and how our mind can rationalize what we’re doing. She is also a very sensitive person – thoughtful, in tune, observant and with a great desire to grow personally but to also inhabit a better world. We have a lot of similarities, and in our conversation we found ourselves laughing over how we can tell ourselves we’re quite grounded, reasonable, thinking beings, whilst being off in story land somewhere. I don’t mean being out of it by any means, but we both had a sense of not really being connected to our lives and a general sense of feeling ineffectual in our daily lives, and a real inability to pin-point this anxiety and dissatisfaction.

I’ve been introduced to the somatic practice of body check-ins. And at first I really resisted it. I thought, oh I taught yoga, I have a yoga practice, I do breathing meditations, but some light bulb somehow got switched on. It felt too slow, too boring. But somewhere in the last year, in using my Reiki practice more on myself and not just for others, in the general need to slow down while my life has become more faceted I have found that these very very simple things are exactly what I need.

What changed? I got more mindful about what I was doing certain things for, my practice has deepened. As I’ve gotten more sensitive to the energy in my body and gained a greater capacity to observe and I suppose more patience with myself, the focus has shifted. What it is has shifted. I’m doing much more restorative calming exercises. My yoga has become more about breath and the space within my body, the space within each cell. I separated the “exercise” element from my yoga and I now do 10 to 20 minutes of high impact condensed workout instead. And as I’ve kept doing that I’ve found that the spiritual component has become another separate layer as well, I now have

In simplifying and becoming more attentive of what was actually going on in my body, not up in my head, or without thinking about goals, my practice has morphed into something beautiful, more spacious, and more focused than it was before. In simplifying I’ve been able to open out again as well. I’ve come to think of this as a natural ebb of flow, in breath and out breath, moon full and moon dark, and same with our energetic selves, expansion and then integration.


State of Grace. Daily meditation.

You are exactly where you need to be.

Today, just for today, don’t think about the past, and don’t think about the future. This doesn’t mean abandon responsibility. You are just letting go of your stories about where you’ve been and where you are going for a very short period of time. Wherever you are you can look up and see the sky, and then look down and see your hands, this is where you are. This is the present. This is the moment you are currently in.

Just live today in the present moment, totally in your body. Tune into your body for a moment. It takes 30 seconds. Become aware of your upper back and shoulders, the strength of your arms, the grace and power of your hands, the soles of your feet and the satisfying, active feeling of your feet on the ground. Imagine your head is supported by a strong living pillar,  take note of where you are, occupying space, the firmness of your hips and thighs, sense your solar plexus and ribs.

Breathe in deeply filling your lungs with air. Gently let it out like a sigh, even if it is an internal sound of ahhh. The moment before you take another breath, that moment that feels like utter relief? That is grace.

Just for today, tell yourself, “I am here.” And don’t judge that. Just observe it. Your sacral (second) chakra is where you allow or receive grace in your life. By which I mean the active state of expressed grace that is born in the heart, or the act of receiving grace which feeds the heart. You live in grace all the time. Sometimes you choose to allow it in and sometimes you close the door. Choose to receive.

Grace is a receptive, nurturing, expressive state in which we get to see in essence what we put out returned to us.

August. Venus retrograde fuqery. New lady love. New Birth and Emptying out.

I’ve been awfully quiet on the site for the last month or so, so much has happened that this post is just an update, and I want to record, in writing, all that has happened. So I can share, but also so I don’t forget. Because we do, we forget, we normalize, we don’t see the specialness of something because it’s just part of the everyday atmosphere.

August has sucked. Straight up. Really truly. It’s been a long slog, everyone seems to be working through their own issues, wires crossed, things misheard or misunderstood. There was one difficult week where I was fighting with literally everyone I had an important relationship with in my life. It was all due to me setting boundaries about how people in my life can talk to me, and what sort of things are even open for discussion, and caused me to really recalibrate quite a few of these relationships, and even their importance in my life.

Then I realized that (oh right) we’re midstream a cosmic love zap and we are recalibrating. Which I believe the effects will still be felt until the end of september. And then we have to right our felled ships and resell, so hold on to your bonnets ladies, it’s not over yet.

I also realized that I wrote a novel! For now all I can say is that it was a side, “for fun” project that I was working on in the evenings and my spare time, apart from my “real” novel. After a few fiction courses I took in the spring some little ganglia in the back of my brain lit up and told me to go look at it again. I did. And it’s good. And the first draft is finished. So I’ve begun editing in earnest and will have it ready for an agent in January. More to come on that.

We are also moving to Spain for a year. I’ve been quiet about that until it was really really certain. But my husband got his Spanish student visa stamp a few days ago, which means this is really happening. Of course this being a retrograde, there has been paperwork snafus, passport delays, misplaced documents, etc, etc. But everything is in place and that is it.

Because of the move to Spain, we sold the apartment we were living in, and sorted through and gave away a lot of stuff we accumulated as a family of four over the course of four years. I knew that decluttering needed to happen, but I feel – lighter. And I can’t help but make the connection between the tidying up of my “stuff” and the tidying up of my relationship “stuff.”

Due to the delays, we’ve been in Boston a few (or many) more weeks than we thought. But because of that I’ve made a new sister-friend, anyway, I’m in love as only new friends with twin souls can be. And had the good fortune to reconnect and become connected with a few other ladies who were on my periphery but were never in the same place at the right time.

For now I bow to the wisdom of the Universe with a resounding yes. Yes. YES.

For now,

Buenas noches,